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Lemelson-MIT offers free JV InvenTeams™ curricula for students in grades 6-10 to hone their hands-on skills and enrich their STEM education through invention-based design activities.

Research & Reports

The Lemelson-MIT Program has a growing list of research on invention education that is based on over 15 years of experience helping thousands of high school teachers and student teams across the country learn to invent. Evidence shows that our approach to invention education helps students develop confidence in their ability to engage in STEM and pursue STEM college and career pathways, even if they have had little exposure to STEM in the past. Our published research and reports are all available for free download.

Educator Workshops

Three-day summer workshops to develop educators’ capacity to help students learn to think and act as inventors while developing solutions to real-world problems. Educators learn how inventing can be used to engage students in STEM learning opportunities that focus on creative, open ended, inquiry based problem finding and problem solving.
Mass Invention Convention Photo

Massachusetts Invention Convention

The Massachusetts Invention Convention is a K-12 invention education program designed to develop, encourage, and enhance creative problem-solving and critical thinking skills through invention, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Excite Awards

Educators can apply for an Excite Award to receive a free three-day professional development opportunity with the Lemelson-MIT Program. Educators will experience invention education, hear from expert educators about facilitating invention education, and network with a cohort of the country's top educators.

Webinar Archive

Watch recorded invention education webinars on topics like coding, invention resources for children, or hands-on and minds-on invention projects for youth. 

Lemelson Open

Join a community of invention educators on the Lemelson Open channel to discover hands-on invention projects from other teachers that you can try with your students.